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* Pioneering tuition

I’m a naturally curious person and passionate about what I do ! I like to stay at the forefront of developments in order to remain sharp, so I’m constantly on the outlook for new stuff !



Pedagogically, my approach is inspired by the work of many people, among them Hans-Georg Gadamer (philosopher/pedagogue), Edgar Schein (organizational psychologist), Lev Vygotsky (cultural-historical psychologist), Alfred Tomatis (French ENT specialist, hearing & listening expert, developer Tomatis®), Harriet Ball (educator Fearless Learning Technique), Jan de Graaff (radio-TV personality & teacher), Kees Haak (journalist, writer & teacher) etc.



I ran into vocal guru Cathrine Sadolin 10 years ago at the Utrecht Conservatory (NL, 2006) where she introduced her life work Complete Vocal Technique (CVT).

One mind-blowing masterclass with her made me decide to specialize in this revolutionary approach and pioneer it in Switzerland, which I did as Swiss agent for Sadolin’s CVI (Complete Vocal Institute from 2007-2009) and still do by advising and orienting people interested in studying at CVI.

CVT is based upon anatomy and physiology, two pillars that dictate vocal behaviour. Respecting this behaviour allow the vocal cords to vibrate freely, making long sequences, high notes and low notes easily within reach, whilst voice fatigue and hoarseness don’t get a chance. The voice doesn’t have any limits, limits are in our head.


* No taste

Artistic choices are your affair, my personal taste or preferences are of no importance. My job is to guide you and provide you with a set of tools enabling you to sing, speak correctly, sound the way you want and feel confident about it.

However, if you’d like me to coach, advise and accompany you artistically (Artist Coaching),  pedagogically (Pedagogical Coaching) or communications-wise (Speech, Media Training or Writing), I’ll be happy to do so.



* Confidentiality

I uphold confidentiality in my work at all times. It’s important that anyone – whatever status – feels free to consult in an open and safe environment free from any kind of judgement.

Therefor I won’t ever comment on whom I work with, unless explicit authorization is given (for marketing purposes only). I believe quality work is promoted on its own.