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Vocal Coaching

Learn how to develop your full potential vocally. Any limits are in your head, come enjoy a free voice !

Artist Coaching

Tailor-made service

What is vocal signature ? Who are you artistically ? What specifically defines you ? How to make a living ? Together we look into these questions if you wish to further develop your art (semi) professionally.

Voice, Stress & Performance

Tailor-made service

Understand performing and its complexity, how to manage stress, emotions & stage freight, how to get the best out of your voice and your artistry.

Tour & Concert Preparation 

Tailor-made service / Tariff upon request

Preparation, coaching and accompaniment in order to become ‘road proof’ vocally, musically, physically, psychologically and technically.

Pedagogical Coaching

Tailor-made service / Tariff upon request

Coaching and accompaniment to vocal, music & theatre teachers and institutions according to the latest pedagogical developments.

Hearing & Listening

The Tomatis method is a pedagogical tool to re-educate and rebalance hearing and listening in order to improve voice and musicality. More info :

Speech, Presentation, Public Speaking

Learn how to captivate an audience, how to use and manipulate your voice correctly, how to handle stress and emotions, how to vary sound, pace and timing etc.

Media Training

Learn how to deal with the media, understand their functioning, their needs and how to work with them (radio, TV, print media, online media & internet).